Retailers can benefit a lot from AR/VR

Retailers can benefit a lot from AR/VR

Virtual stores, virtual shopping, endless aisles, personalized promos and content – augmented and virtual reality or AR/VR will make shopping more fun and efficient giving conventional retailers to change their way towards a contemporaneous way. As immersion marketing evolved, the blend of physical and digital, phygital retail is taking the best aspects from each space […]
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Data Science Terms You Should Know

Common Data Science Terms You Should Know

Data science includes work in computation, statistics, analytics, data mining, and programming. We hear or use many terms in our industry on a daily basis, but what is the underlying meaning of these words? We have created a glossary of common statistics and Data Science terms that every person concerned should know. Algorithm: A mathematical […]
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major AR/VR trends

Major AR/VR Trends

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) bridge the digital and physical worlds by allowing visual content to be seen in a similar way as in real world. AR lets user experience the real world, which has been digitally augmented using computer-generated images, while VR fully immerse people in simulated virtual environments. Trends show online […]
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data discovery

Data Discovery

Data discovery is a business-user driven process of extracting actionable patterns and outliers from data. It involves collection and analysis of data from various sources to gain insight from hidden patterns and trends. Data discovery tools use a variety of methods such as pivot tables, pie charts, heat maps, bar graphs and geographical maps to […]
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DAAS Labs' COVID-19 Solution

DAAS Labs’ COVID-19 Solution

The exponential reach of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is becoming one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. It has caused mayhem all around the globe including each human being, economy, businesses, and will change the way we approach to things going forward. The government and business entities will need to […]
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data facebook collects

What Data Does Facebook Collect?

Do you ever realize what data does Facebook’s systems collect about you even when you’re offline and what is it used for? Have you ever searched for something, only to see that same item pop up in a sponsored post in your Facebook stream the next time you sign in? Or read an article about […]
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data protection

Data Protection Regulation or GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is introduced by the European Union (EU) to safeguard the privacy data of European citizens. The EU GDPR is a data security regulation that was adopted on 14 April 2016, and became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. GDPR compliance applies to organizations established in EU and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also […]
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Interesting facts about e-commerce industry

E-commerce platforms are growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. People from every age group loves to shop from different e-stores. Over the past couple of years, mobile shopping has seen increases year on year, with 18% now shopping either through their mobile phone or portable tablet device. Studies and Findings on e-commerce […]
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Computer Vision: What and How?

Computer Vision (CV) gives the computers or machines the ability to see and understand. According to Wikipedia, it include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g. in the forms of decisions. It is a field of computer science or rather artificial […]
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